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Interstellar Tenant Migration – Orbiter

"A hassle-free tenant to tenant migration service that offers seamless cut-over with zero data loss."

Consulting Service – Orbiter: 1 Week Implementation

Microsoft 365 is a product family of productivity software, collaboration and cloud-based services. Microsoft 365 subscriptions include a set of familiar office apps, intelligent cloud services, and world-class security in one place.

We will transfer your data and workloads with no missing emails or files. Microsoft 365 tenant-to-tenant migration is a common requirement during mergers and acquisitions which involve numerous challenges and email server downtime is the last thing a company needs.


Interstellar Tenant Migration – Orbiter Consulting Service

We aim to assist organizations with data migration from one tenant to another (i.e. Microsoft -> Office 365, Google -> Office 365, etc). Our target audience is predominantly based in the Nigerian market extending to other African countries in the Sub-Saharan region. Offer types include:

1 – Local Content

We have the capacity to deliver on a cost effective approach to transfer client data, usually indigenous oil companies, from international regions to manage and support locally, in-country.

2 – Change Management

For company restructuring and reorganizations involving Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A), Joint Ventures (JV), alliances, and divestitures to achieve the desired outcome of minimal impact on the flow of work and employee experience.

Transform your business via Orbiter

Interstellar Business Solutions Limited (IBSL) is committed to enhancing business productivity and efficiency through technology by leveraging new age tools.


  • “No. 1 Choice IT Vendor – our management appreciates their agility.”
  • “Their response time is quick and excellent.”
  • “The support of IBSL has been outstanding.”

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