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Automation purpose-built for MSPs to securely scale support operations, improve customer experience, and boost margins


Improve Margins & Team Efficiency


Deliver Quality & Consistency


Strengthen Security & Compliance

Cloud Manager is…


A better way to build automation


…which drives Help Desk performance


And gives a single view of your customers and team

Seamlessly manage services across customers, SaaS, and even hybrid environments.


Engineers can effectively and easily automate IT tasks and workflows

An integrated development environment (IDE) for MSPs

Build, save, share, and publish PowerShell automation within an IDE built for organizational collaboration and reuse. The Workbench editor ensures efficient creation and customization of scripts with error highlighting and predictive help. A universal Console enables seamless switching between and across customers to test and run advanced automation.

PowerShell, reimagined for the cloud

Take your familiarity of PowerShell across customer tenants, beyond Microsoft applications, and to hybrid environments. No need to learn multiple proprietary SaaS APIs – use PowerShell to automate management of cloud apps. With built-in security, every script run is automatically tracked.

Get a head-start on cloud automation scripting

Build upon your current scripts or the thousands from SkyKick to easily create and customize scripts that get repurposed over time. Cloud Manager comes with an extensive inventory of proven commands, including standard Microsoft cmdlets, SkyKick-authored commands for non-Microsoft SaaS apps, and SkyKick-authored sample commands for common scenarios.

Help Desk personnel can resolve support tickets with accuracy and speed

Consistently deliver quality service

Simple-to-complex IT tasks can be safely, efficiently, and consistently executed by the Help Desk to resolve tickets. Do it right the first time, every time, with scripts that include your and the customer’s proprietary business rules. No error-prone manual checklists to follow, no need to know the nuances of each app admin portal.

User-friendly Actions Panel – no PowerShell needed

Help Desk technicians can resolve tickets in an easy-to-use GUI without needing any PowerShell expertise. User-friendly forms hide the complexity of command line script execution – from onboarding users to managing permissions to group and bulk changes to license management and beyond.

Refocus senior engineers on billable work, not support

With frontline Help Desk resolving most tickets, you can cut down routine ticket escalation rates to Tier 2 or 3 by over 70% and pivot senior engineers time toward revenue-generating projects. Streamline engineer time escalations that occur by providing context, resources, and resolution tools, all within the same app.

Mitigate risk and increase compliance for your MSP practice and customers

Full audit trail improves security and performance

Whether initiated in the Actions Panel or the built-in PowerShell Console, every command executed is automatically recorded. View all actions performed in real-time in the Activity log, including customer details, method, timestamp, status, output and more.

Proactive security management and services

Multi-tenant management capabilities make it easy to identify compliance gaps and enforce security policies in bulk. Cloud Manager includes ready-to-use automation to support security management, including bulk enablement of MFA across tenants and more.

Increase security of shared client passwords

Reduce security exposure by eliminating admin credential sharing and multiple tenant logins. Cloud Manager maintains secure, persistent connections to the tenants and devices you manage, so you never need to re-authenticate as you switch between customers, apps, or devices.

Respond to COVID-19 demands – Quickly activate Microsoft Teams, Slack and other cloud apps

With demand for remote work technologies at an all-time high and surging support ticket volumes – Cloud Manager can help you easily setup Microsoft 365, Slack, WebEx, DropBox, Box, and DocuSign, with more connectors coming soon.

What’s more, we’ve developed customizable scripts to easily setup and configure Microsoft Teams – even for customers with an on-premises environment. What could normally take upwards of 2 hours manually (or more if you don’t yet have AD Sync set up), takes only minutes with Cloud Manager.

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