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Skype for Business Server

Deploy instant messaging with presence, meetings, and calling on-premises while easily taking advantage of key cloud experiences.
Skype for Business Online is retiring     Read more >

Skype for Business Server features

Here are just a few of the features designed to help your business.

On-premises chat, meetings, and calling

Run your Unified Communications workload completely on your own servers.

Deploy and manage on your servers
Support for the latest infrastructure
Choose your own cloud services

Complete Unified Communications feature set

Instant messaging, presence, and meetings. Support for audio conferencing, enterprise voice, and a server-developer platform. Apps available for AndroidTM, iOS, Mac, Windows, and web browsers.

Ultimate control

Enhance communication security with built-in encryption and authorization through Azure Active Directory, deployed in your datacenters and managed by you.


Rich interoperability

Direct SIP and gateway interoperability with third-party PBX systems. Interoperability with legacy teleconferencing systems. Support for call admission control and QoS.

Cloud capable when needed

Split people between Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams based on needs. Easily migrate to the cloud if enhanced server deployment is requested. Use Skype for Business Server with Exchange Online.


Meetings first

Use Skype for Business servers for calling and instant messaging while harnessing Teams for meetings. People will enjoy modern meetings while your company experiences improved performance in the cloud.

Looking for Skype for Business Online in Nigeria?

Skype for Business Online is now Microsoft Teams.

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