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Microsoft for Startups Founder Update – July 2023


Introducing new and updated models to Azure OpenAI Service

Check out the latest updates including gpt-35-turbo now available in Azure OpenAI Service. These updates provide enhanced steerability that makes the model better at following instructions. The 16k version of the model, gpt-35-turbo-16k, will help you unlock scenarios requiring longer prompts. We recommend startups to start with gpt-35-turbo for experimenting and prototyping on Azure OpenAI Services to save time and money.

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We’ve updated two new benefits in your Founders Hub experience. You can now easily apply for Azure OpenAI Service and upgrade your Microsoft 365 subscription to Business Premium with 50 seats available to all users!


Apply to access Azure OpenAI Service and use your Azure credits to take advantage of large-scale, generative AI models.


Upgrade to Microsoft 365 Business Premium to access the full suite of Office apps paired with world-class security, valid for one year.

NuShift’s AI solution revolutionizes enterprise data with rapid no-code approach

NuShift has not only disrupted traditional business models but has also redefined the concept of go-to-market speed with help from Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub partner Bubble. Learn how NuShift used Bubble’s low-code platform for efficient testing and fast feedback.

5 things to keep in mind when choosing a bank account for your startup

Whether your company is bootstrapped or venture-backed, you deserve a business bank that fits your financial needs and grows alongside you. In this guest blog by Mercury, a Microsoft for Startups partner that offers banking for startups at any size or stage, we cover five questions you should ask when picking the best banking option for your startup.


Discover best practices for containerizing web applications | July 18

In this webinar with Massdriver, we’ll discuss how to dockerize a web application and discover how to efficiently utilize containerization, streamline application deployment, and optimize resource utilization through practical demonstrations and expert insights.

Learn how AI Copilots can transform your startup | July 27

Don’t miss out on exploring how AI copilots can rapidly accelerate your startup’s progress and help you build features and apps in new ways. In this digital event, we will discuss the benefits of an AI copilot and highlight tools and platforms available for creating your own.


Wondering how to share your journey with us on social media? We’ve got you covered with a guide that includes best practices, downloadable templates, and more.

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