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Orbit by Interstellar Business Solutions Limited

"A solution to migrate or replicate business applications and data to the cloud for remote access, redundancy and recovery."

Orbit Consulting Service: 1 Week Implementation

Get started with or extend your use of Microsoft Azure as a cloud computing platform that provides access, management, and development of applications and services via globally-distributed data centers.

We will implement Azure services in containers fit for purpose by leveraging the compute power of virtual machines for application hosting with guaranteed 99.9% service availability, storage accounts for data management, SQL database for functionality, virtual private networks for secure access, web services for connections with websites and files repository, etc.

Orbit Consulting Service by Interstellar Business Solutions Limited

Our objective is to help organizations that need to lower the total cost of ownership of managing an on-premise infrastructure by migrating to the cloud and/or replicating services for uptime and data backup. We have two target audiences within the Nigerian market to cut across the African Sub-Saharan region:

1 – Business Application Hosting Service

You have a need to deploy business applications like “Sage 300” and you want to reduce the cost of managing a physical server plus guaranteed service uptime.

2 – Data Backup and Redundancy Service

For organizations, usually enterprise clients, that have an on-premise infrastructure due to business exigencies and require data backup, or migration to the cloud because of a change in needs.

Why technology companies need Orbit

Interstellar Business Solutions Limited (IBSL) is committed to enhancing business productivity and efficiency through technology by leveraging new age tools.

Market Research

  • 28% of companies are vulnerable to loss
  • 1 in 10 organizations protect data properly
  • It takes 11 seconds for your system to be hacked

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