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Introducing Microsoft 365 for Startups


When you’re launching a new startup there are many decisions to make. Not the least of which is “What software suite should we use?” There’s a lot to consider —every new startup needs powerful collaboration tools, a full suite of applications to make work happen— and they need it all in a scalable, secure package that they’ll not outgrow. All of these were kept in mind when creating Microsoft 365 for startups.

Microsoft 365 for startups is a fresh look at modern workplace software suites. It’s designed with your new venture in mind, and includes our comprehensive family of applications with the new licensing bundle, currently available for Microsoft’s Founders Hub members. The Microsoft Founders Hub is an online networking and resource platform available through the Microsoft for Startups program.

The Microsoft 365 for startups bundle includes 50 seats of Microsoft 365 Business Premium free for the first year, and a discount on additional seats, up to 300. If you don’t use all 300 seats in the first year, this discount offer will scale and grow with you in the next year.

Do more, together

Microsoft 365 is a secure, integrated, cost-effective cloud solution for real-time collaboration and secure work from virtually anywhere. It includes Microsoft Teams, cloud storage, and familiar Office apps with advanced security options. You can use it to chat, call, host online meetings, and collaborate in real time. Use Microsoft 365 to build, grow, and scale your business with secure, easy-to-use, cloud-based, AI-powered tools.

Everything you need

Microsoft 365 for startups is an integrated suite of applications that combines productivity software with advanced security and device management: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Microsoft Outlook, along with Teams, Microsoft OneDrive, and more. And no matter what specialized applications your organization relies on, chances are there’s already a plug-in for you: GitHub, LinkedIn, Adobe, Asana, Atlassian, and more.

Intelligent, not just smart

Microsoft helps to transform how work gets done, and with Microsoft 365 for startups you’ll be able to leverage these innovations firsthand. Our built-in intelligent technologies powering Microsoft 365 help you deliver better work and deliver it faster.

PowerPoint with Designer and Ideas can help you create professional layouts with relevant pictures and icons for your slides, so you quickly can get beautiful, more compelling presentations.

Within Excel, you can receive several suggestions for charts to appropriately present your data more effectively.

Outlook can help you find the best location based on attendees, time, availability, and other preferences so you don’t waste any time emailing back and forth to schedule.  Outlook can also pull up a list of everyone’s LinkedIn profiles, so you can make connections even faster.

With Microsoft 365 for startups, you’ll be able to launch and grow your business with easy, intelligent, and integrated tools that allow you to focus on your business and your team.  But even more than that, you’ll be ready for the future.  The AI features built into Microsoft 365 are just the beginning; once Microsoft’s Copilot launches, your organization will be ready to take advantage of our new AI capabilities.

Let’s get to work

Building and scaling a startup is no easy feat, but we’re here to make it easier. Microsoft 365 can help you bring your vision to life with powerful collaboration tools, familiar applications, robust security, all in a single software suite that scales with your business. Microsoft 365 really is where work gets done.

Click here to get started in minutes — and see how you can join the thousands of innovative Microsoft Founders Hub startups like yours that are changing their industries and changing the world.

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